EL DORADO GOLD Personal Development “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” - GOLD will help you define your goals so you CAN measure your drive to success and manage it as you progress. GOLD has no guarantee of fame and stardom. The only guarantee is that with every blemish on its many faces comes the certainty that you are one step closer to where you want to be. GOLD sets you one big challenge to start with. When you get delivery of your very own GOLD EL DORADO, the hardest decision to make is whether to preserve it in its pristine beauty or take it out and belt the living ‘bejesus’ out of it. Whichever decision you make, it will help you achieve success. EL DORADO GOLD TEAM BUILDING. As a coach or team manager, you want to achieve the same things for your team as each team member wants to achieve for themselves and more. Because EL DORADO is based primarily on self assessment, you can use your management skills to encourage an after-hours regime of training that can pay massive dividends. There are many ways to incentivize the use of EL DORADO GOLD in your quest for success. One suggestion is that you have just a handful of GOLDs that you can use during training sessions. You can then allocate the GOLDs to team members to take home with them for a set period of time. This does two things – 1) It gives each player a sense of responsibility when in charge of a precious item and 2) It provides an incentive to the player to lift their game in their own time and space and to take individual credit for their achievements You will need to encourage each team member to record their statistics and to download their achievement certificates as they proceed. They can, if they wish, present their certificates to their peers at their training sessions. They can also post their attempts on social media. You can also encourage team members to video their attempts so they can post their winning hits on social media. All these measures are to encourage high end performance from ALL players regardless of their abilities and to support team building. REWARDING team members who try their hardest by presenting them with their very own GOLD will encourage efforts from all team members to win. As team coaches and managers, we know that you understand the value of allocating winning achievements without prejudice. There is no doubt that you will have players who make up for challenges by applying themselves over and above expectations. These players often prove themselves when the chips are down. Treasure their achievements and reward them. Their peers will be proud and supportive if you encourage them to do so. As you proceed, you will start to recognize those team members who begin to come out from under. These are the ones you want and need for the future of your organization – Encourage them. (Take a moment to look again at the image above. Check the person on the right of screen. All they are offering is gentle yet firm guidance and yet their power is immense) How does EL DORADO work for LIFE SKILLS? Let’s talk about the ‘sports’ of lifetime skills, careers skills and human resources in business and in life. We use the word ‘SPORT’ in connection with life skills training without any reservations. EL DORADO GOLD is a possession. It is an item of beauty. It is a tempter. It is a system. It is a friend. It is an inspiration”. EL DORADO GOLD is a beautifully hand-crafted item that commands a presence wherever it sits. To be awarded one means that you have achieved above and beyond what is expected of you. It begs to be questioned by every passerby and you have to be proud to answer each question. To be awarded more than one is extraordinary and as each one fits neatly with the next one, you can measure your race to stardom by your beehive of success. It represents the many facets of psychological and physical development that can lead to a more powerful and successful YOU. “The six sides of your GOLD powerhouse represent Ambition, Instinct, Perseverance, Tenacity, Achievement, and Drive, combining together to make YOU a True Champion.” How does EL DORADO work for HUMAN RESOURCES? You’re an experienced HR specialist and people manager. You understand people and their individual personalities. You know that to manage effectively, you need to measure each situation. Here’s one way to do just that - 1. You select one team member who has achieved over and above expectations 2. You grant them a 1% pay rise 3. You present them with a Special Corporate Branded BRONZE EL DORADO 4. You encourage them further on performance with another pay rise and a Special Corporate Branded CRYSTAL EL DORADO 5. You continue up the line to the Ultimate Special Corporate Branded GOLD EL DORADO 6. You let human nature take its course with their peers and then using your instincts . . . 7. MEASURE and MANAGE your team We all know the value of a powerful workforce. We can capture this power by paying our teams well, by rewarding good performance, by effective communication and, of course, by a combination of all of these. We are currently working on specific methodologies however we are keen to learn as much as we can about your specific needs. Genesis Promotions (Aust) Pty Ltd has a very long history of corporate marketing and advertising with some of Australia’s most powerful organizations. We understand the value of supporting in-house and consultancy programs with seamless integration. We can also provide stand–alone methodologies for incentivisation and marketing. 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When you want success so bad you can taste it . . . “HARNESSING THE POWER OF POSITIVE RE-INFORCEMENT”
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